We record according to your project.(budget,time,goals)

We have a high quality equipment aimed to make the best recording.

※ This studio is also available in English.


Plan1 RECORDING ( Recording by studio engineers )

Feel free to contact us.



Plan2 SELF-RECORDING ( you record by yourself )

Because I am an engineer, I can record freely at my own pace without feeling pressure.


· you can set the recording day,and tracking one by one independently

(not must be on the same day)

Mobile Recording

We can record using your home, event Hall, culture centre (Kouminkan),  gynasium etc.

We can search the best place close to you and best for your project.

Please see this video to have an ideia of general flow .















Mixing / Mastering


Mixing / Mastering

We are going to “Radio Ready” your song .

(Even songs that was recorded at others studios or home)



· What is mixing?

Adjust the volume and sound quality of instruments of each instruments. (Volume, Pan, EQ, Comp)

You can also apply effects, pitch correction of songs, etc.


· What is mastering?

It is the final stage to polish a songs completed by mixing.


· Online Mixing / Mastering

In this plan, you will send the data of the songs by e-mail, file, etc.,


Basically the exchanges will be send you by mail.

* In this case, it is necessary to divide the tracks of each instruments separately. (Eg. bass drum, snare, guitar, bass, etc ...)

We would appreciate it if you can send a DI track separately from the guitar and bass amp.

Also, if you have any samples or sounds as a reference for mixing, please send them together


Try 1 minute of free sample of your own song.

· Please do not hesitate to contact us for consultationand plans.

CD press

It ends from recording to mixing, mastering and enters the CD press.

The price of CD press will be 100 / 40,000 yen, 300 sheets / 50,000 yen ~.


You can choose from a standard cover paper , slim cover and so on.


Please contact us for design creation and number of presses.

ADRESS:Gifu-ken Kani-shi Dota3504−17  〒509−0206

E-MAIL: studio@dinamus.co.jp   PHONE: 080-9792-0129    BUSINESS HOURS: 10:00~24:00